Sunday, 30 May 2010

British Summer time.... And Sundancer

Yes.. that is the dark gloomy sky I have been looking at all day, how grim!
Anyhoo NOTD - Sundancer, very very hard to apply, but I like the colour... sorry if its messy, this formula was tricky, but I think all yellows are tricky!!

I have been catching up on youtube this week... have to say I have found a couple new ones which I am enjoying.. if you like make up tutorials..check these out

I am trying to revamp my look, make up, clothes etc... wondering if you guys would like make up looks or something?? I am gonna figure out getting a camera and stuff, may do a bit of youtube action, mainly nails..but also some Make up stuff.
Really need a new foundation, atm I use MAC thinking of trying Laura Mercier, any recommendations for mineral make up?? Bare Minerals ID looks nice, but I have no experience of the brand...don't want a big gross breakout lol I need heavy coverage to cover up old acne scars..minerals I find super buildable..without looking cakey!

TTFN xoxox


  1. I love looking at makeup looks, post away! I can't give advice though, I don't often wear foundation.
    It's been crappy weather here all weekend too :(
    Still, at least that nail polish brightens up the day!

  2. i am wearing MAC mineralize currently as well! i wore bare minerals for a long time but i just could not stand the mess it made all over my vanity.

    however i love love love helping people find the "right" product for them! tell me what you skin type is and what you are looking for, specifically why are you looking at mineral makeup, just to try it or bc you want something natural? tell me tell me tell me and i will research it for you!!!!!! wooot!

  3. Skin used to be truly combination with a lot of oily patches, now its more dry with oily patches on forehead/nose..but the rest is dry- ie the skin is flaky

    I like the mineral as it dosent break me out or leave me with an oil slick by the end of the day. With the MAC Mineralize I can apply at 5am and be matte still at 7pm!

    Thanks hunny, any help would be fantastic :-)

  4. You need an aptly named color in that dreary weather ;)

    I don't wear mineralized make-up...I do wear tinted moisturizer, which I like a lot. I used to wear Everyday Minerals and I realized the powdered foundations always looked chalky on me so I'm quite happy with my TM routine.

  5. I wish I could wear tinted moisturiser.. acne from age 9 means I am left with scars, although my skin is very good now... the more coverage the better!

    is still raining..time for me to hit the sack!

  6. Rebekah, what shade are you in MAC?

  7. oh, and your skin description matches mine to a t. how funny is that! i never used to have dry skin either... Is there anywhere you can purchase AmorePacific in the UK? I use their Enzyme Treatment and it seriously changed my life. It is super gentle and you can use it everyday. It is expensive, but it lasts me months and months and months. I bought my full size bottle in January and I don't think it is even halfway gone. Maybe I should do a skincare post! LOL. You can see it here:

  8. Thanks J I will check it out!! I use the deep dark in mineralize, I never have been matched with the liquid.. I just know that will break me out!!!

    I will check out the AmorePacific, thank you hunny :)