Thursday, 20 May 2010

Essie Lollipop... hot!

Well if this is good enough for Katie Price..its good enough for me LOL
Thanks again J for sending me this one, its gorgeous!!

Jelly red..squishyness..lovely, people have been commenting all day on the colour, is delish!!

Finally got my Camera to play nicely, hurrah :-)

A friend got me BarryM Mushroom soo pleased..its meant to be a dupe for a certain Chanel..well worth a try, looks nice anyway, was the last one left in the shop!!

UK guys be sure to complete Superdrug surveys with each purchase, 10% off all brands, 25% off Superdrug own brand- GOSH + MUA is included in this!!! yes..well worth it!! And GOSH 3 for 2 at the mo!!

Anyways... been a longg hot sticky day time for a relax!!

TTFN xoxox

pssst.. be back soon with BarryM Mushroom


  1. This color looks FABULOUSSS on you!!!

  2. Surveys? What surveys?

    Love the colour.

  3. if you buy anything, on the receipt it will direct you to survey, complete in 5 mins, you have a code :)