Saturday, 29 May 2010

Black on black.. Nail art (simple)

So just as I boring/ridiculous/funny.. I did some nail art as it began

Really simple, put a tip on using the black w/glitter Striperite, then used the others to put random lines on... 10 minute job!

I picked this up at Poundland with the Nail Not too sure what it will be like, Will give it a go for here it is with my other deep clean manicure items lol Denture tabs..and toothbrush! Will give that a whirl when I remove this mani

That's all for tonight..back to Euro watching

TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Eurovision was so boring I did some studying rather than watch it properly!

  2. at first glance the design looks very Burberry'ish, fab job!