Friday, 28 May 2010

Sorry guys!

Sorry I have been absent guys... finished an assignment then spent the past couple days sifting through some revision notes...argg..Finally have free time and woohoo long weekend ahead :-)

Will be back with some new nails, and nail art tomorrow!!

I popped into poundland to get some notepads...and...Tadaaa loads of Sally hansen.. Cuticle cream, cuticle remover, all kinds of tools and Nail quencher..stood there for a while in disbelief lol UK gals..check your Poundlands weekly..the sally hansen discontinued super! I adore NQ..It dosent seem so popular anymore!

Anyways.. I found these today on BBC... kinda cheered me has been GRIM!

How beautiful are these...

BBC : Butterflies and Beasties

TTFN xxoxo


  1. You get the best stuff at your Poundland!! I'm gonna go check it out tomorrow but the Brum one only ever seems to have a few lame Revlons.

  2. Gah. Must check Poundland.
    How d'you get those fishies? I find them rather watchable.

  3. I may do a giveaway if I can bag some more lol

    they are one of the applications, you can pick what colour etc..just go to Layout :)

  4. hi Rebeka, I already received the package... thank you very much sweety... I really like it! and the bloom n.p is great! love them all!

  5. Fantastic, glad it reached you safe mae :)