Sunday, 2 May 2010

Essie Steel-ing the 1st Essie

My first essie... yeah so its brush stroke city..but is very very metallic, lovely finish

The brush is very small..and I have small nail beds..but its a little too small for using with this sort of metallic polish..3 strokes is more like 5 strokes!!

I do like it may even stay on until the morning LOL In daylight it should look less brush strokey... hmm may end up doing a midnight re-mani!!

Have soo many new pretties its a bit tricky choosing what next right now lol..think Wet and Wilds will be next!!

Shattered right now, running and very low calories is taking its toll on me..all I want right now is a muffin and a large Horlicks!! LOL Don't think that's on the diet menu lol Thank goodness for long bank holiday weekend

Am putting together a pamper/nail hamper for my mums bday at the moment... going to hit lush tomorrow for some soaps and bf loves going in there, so that should be nice, gonna stop for a cup of tea and have a bit of a window shop



  1. Wow, I love how metallic this is!

  2. I keep passing this one up...after seeing it on you may go look for it :)

  3. its PIA to apply..but in normal lighting quite pretty and metallic