Saturday, 15 May 2010

Blazed meets fimo flowers..cutee!

Cute spring nail art, liking the nearly neon glowy Blazed with the 3d flowers. These are pretty thinly sliced, easy to apply with clear + seche over the top!

Loving the look, cant wait to play with the fruit, apple slices, kiwi and cherries are adorable

Anyway that's all for now folks, will be studying all night aarg..criminal law is not my favourite, but its got to be done!! Wish me luck lol

TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Very pretty!! Love it!!! the fimo's go well with blaze. Tell me after applying top coat seche vite does it have a smooth finish? When you run your finger across the top can you feel the fimo's?

  2. deffinately can still feel the fimo, but very nearly smooth. They would not snag on hair or clothes

    Maybe I will try another coat of seche see if that completly covers them