Friday, 21 May 2010

Barry M Mushroom...yay or nay??

I am not sure if I love this one, but I definitely like it
Could of been a 1 coater, this is 2 coats, 1 coat seche (over Nailtek Maintenance + Orly Bonder) - Note on the bonder, am loving it, NO Tipwear.. that is the best thing about it, love it!!

Mushroom is Very smooth, silky and easy to apply like all BarryM
This was the last one in the shop, was a pressie, yay!

I love BarryM.. I only have a few but definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for new colours, the ice cream colours are hard to find in shops.. but can be found online!

Anyhoo..applied like a dream, great value for money...if your looking for a Chanel -ish dupe.. worth the £3!!

TTFN lovelies


  1. On me it would look like poop on you it's gorgeous!

  2. hi sweets! i got Barry M on tips too! pink flamingo, evil angel said it would cheer me up! i need some sun, dammmmmit!

  3. Definitely a yay for me - must pick this one up

  4. Agree with Cali369. Definitely a YAY! Looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Thanks hunnies, its soo hot here J!!

    think I will swap it away... I wont use it again lol