Friday, 7 May 2010

Sunny side up.....

Sunny side up...reminds me of Sunny D or tangerines..its just gorgeous..I love Wet n Wild so much..more than pricey lines lol Its a good job I don't live in the

Sorry for the late net stopped working last night, was going slightly bonkers, yahoooo so glad its back!! Got a long day studying, tutor and note taking trying to get my "me" time down before its 8am!!

Thank you A for these lovelies.. I will swatch Blazed too at some point soon.. they have a new collection out..Droooolies

I took my nails down slightly..nothing extreme..seriously with the glass file, I was filing furiously for 30 minutes, and barely anything taken off LOL I get bad urges to clip them down... I will resist!!

Domt forget the Nails Inc diet coke promotion guys.. saying this its on till 30-June! yipeee, Do not Refreeze has the details and pics..droooolie!! for the joys of Constitutional law bed with a large PG tips LOL

TTFN xoxoxo

1 comment:

  1. I need to get me to Boots for that offer!

    Is that a Braeburn apple? I love apples!

    I love this colour on you, you really suit bright shades.