Monday, 31 May 2010

Green with envy......

I was Green with envy after seeing MissChevious wearing this gorgeous polish, so I was chuffed to win this little lovely along with Dirty, sexy money!
Mmmm I love green polish so this is right up my alley!!
Debating getting Jade is the new black hmm how many greens does a gal need!
This is 2 coats, over 1 coat NQ, 1 Coat Bonder, topped with some gloopy oopy seche! My nails are growing like weeds..think I am going to take them down a touch tonight!!

Today is a lazy bank holiday Monday here in gonna be relaxing, tidying up the house..and perhaps a touch of study!!
I found some fantastic Japanese skincare blogs last night.. I am now drooling over Cleansing oils and BB creams..anyone recommend any ebay sellers or sites??
TTFN xoxox


  1. I'm tidying my flat today as well! Boring :( Gorgeous polish on you.

  2. gorgeous! I love love love green polish!

  3. You do need JNB. Don't we all? I don't actually have it though... ;o)

    Ebay sellers? Yep, Venus nail and beauty supplies.
    Fragrance Direct is well worth a look. Not just for fragrances!

  4. I can count n you guys to say I need JITNB :P

    hehe thanks jaljen I will check those babies out

    Am hunting down some Shesido pure oil at the moment

    Thanks hunnies xx

  5. never too many greens - must get some more BB greens