Monday, 3 May 2010

MUA polish # 9 and rambles.....

For comparison sake..teeny MUA polish sweet, loved the colour!!

Well the weather today has been horrendous.. I decided I would brave it in a jumper and caught in a hail storm!! LOL

Apart from that was good window shopping...

Now lusting after several skirts from Zara, and some new undies.. I have a bit of a tricky size..but Debenhams seem to have loads in right now.. I usually wear a 30GG or a 30H ..these look just lush.. deffinately check them out if your amply busted, cute designs and £16.50 bra's plus FREE usual bra is £60 and UGGGLY..hopefully invest in some new ones in a few weeks time!

My bf got me one of the new MUA polishes..£1 very cute..and very small..a mere 6.2ml ..cute lol Will see how this goes on

Am putting together my mums bday package..lots of nail goodies..she does read the I cant reveal anything lol PSSST...if your reading this mum my birthday lists there >>>>>>>>

Liking my current mani too much to take it off..may put Goldilocks rocks over it..see how that looks

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo


  1. I get all my bras from Freya in the Debenhams sale, love it. The bras are so pretty and designed for big busts. Depending on bra style I'm a 34E or a 32F! Freya's about £28/bra full price, defo check it out.
    Or go to Bravissimo! I love that place.

  2. hey sweetie! i love the name of the brand MUA! lol!

  3. I had NO idea that this brand even existed, and I was in my local Superdrug just a week or so ago! Next time I go into town I'm definately going to get some of this polish - one pound, bargain :P Can you tell us how well it wears? Last time I got polish for a pound at Wilkinsons, it chipped within the day.

  4. Its literally come in the last 10 days..its a tiny stand..all make up is one quid lol

    I shall do the wear test on it :-)