Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My current top nail products..and for a change..skincare

Since everyone is doing TOP April products.. I thought what the heck..I will give it a wee go!

Nail products first..of course!

1. Marks & Spencer Remover

This is acetone free, smells good, cleans very well..mild on the nails etc. After reading some of my favourite bloggers use non acetone..I thought it was worth a go! So far so good..very nice product indeed, Thumbs up Good olde M&S

Liking the condition of my nails..my nails dont hurt or feel super sore after using this, bonus!!!

2. Sally Hansen Nail Quencher

I know I know its discontinued..but easily available online(1.99 max) and in poundland etc

For £1 its fantastic, hydrating..makes a fab thick base for polish and no stains/yellow

3. Seche

Yes yes yes..cliche!

I am learning to love the seche...yes the shrinking is annoying, it does NOT like Nails inc products.. Nails inc Caviar top coat is fantastic.... but for WnW & China glaze..the seche is a dream topcoat, wrapping the tips..is the key!

Okay onto the not so usual topic of....Skincare
My skin is combination, tending now to be drier..where I would say a year ago it was on the oily side. I still do get oily patches on nose/forehead area- so anti-shine is important but also things that fade scars and even out skintone as I have some acne scaring.

1. Lush tea tree toner

I had neglected this one, but after I gave it a go I am liking it a lot, you can spray it on to refresh make up or use as conventional toner, it smells yummmmmy!
Skin is clean and treated..without anything super harsh- loving it!

2. Ponds cold cream cleanser

Now this is a relaunched product..the smell reminds me of my mummy, who always used the products when I was little..and wow it smells just the same!! This cleanses soooo well, I like a heavy coverage for foundation..so this is fab, gets every last bit of.. I usually apply to wet face then use cotton wool to remove it ..3-4 cotton pads, finally using the tea tree toner..CLEAN as a WHISTLE!

3. GOSH Velvet touch primer

Well..this is just gorgeous, smooth and silky.. gives a great base for make up, that's all A****

Calming aloe vera, moisturising and silky smooth, you really need a tiny pea size dot to do your whole face.. this keeps my MAC on my face..not all over my desk/hands/phone!

4. BOOTS Expert Shine control lotion
This is super cheap, mattifies really well.. keeps those pesky shiny patches away


..Let me know if you like this...will try and collect more bits for next months favourite picks :-)

Busy busy bee atm..will update super soon!
TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Nice products...I hoarded lots of nail quencher. Hope I don't run out :)

  2. I liked reading this! Might try that toner, plush I think after I use this bottle I'll be going for acetone-free remover.
    I also want to get my hands on the SH quencher...will check out poundland!