Monday, 17 May 2010


My very first franken .... :-)
Stormy like the UK sky has been all weekend...
finally got my pc to let me upload pics!!

3/4 bottle GOSH Snow - a white jelly polish
8 drops black
16 drops SH Cassis comfort

Gorgeous deep jelly grey oooooo

I think I need more empty bottles lol
Anyhoooo super busy with boring studying and stuff..but soon be finished with essays, more time for posting shortly!!!
TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Great franken! I really haven't seen any dark grey colors so I really like this! I need to get back into frakening I haven't done it in a long time.

  2. i love it! is this the color you were aiming for??? i never ever would have thought to put those colors together, i am super duper impressed!!!!!!!! xoxo

  3. I actually really like this colour!

  4. It's beautiful. Can you see any of the pink in the polish?

  5. I love this Grey polish but, its so hard to fins :(

  6. I made it hun, sure you can franken something similar :)

    R- It deffinately has a purple glow in the sunshine :)

    yay I am liking frankens