Saturday, 29 May 2010

This weeks IN's and OUT's

Chitter chat time I am afraid..
I tried two mani's today and I just didn't like em... super tired after this week.. a nap..turned into an afternoon back to scheduled viewing in the morning!!
I think Eurovision may drive me to manicure anyway lol...hilarious.. I love Eurovision!!


...Pamper time - assignments and notes done, some serious time for big bubble baths

Poundland...yes Nail quencher and oddles of gorgeous notepads( got to make the law more fun somehow!)

Flip flops ..finally got some comfy

Glee.. I have watched 2 episodes and I am loving it so much (Soundtracks another thing to add to my ever growing birthday list!)

Redbush tea with vanilla..mmm scrummy!!


British Summertime...grey cloudy sky all day, where has the sun gone!! day its sandals..then your back to UGGS...wet feet..bleh!

Postie...where are you postie?? post since Tuesday..waah!

Bride diet... it sucks..period lol.. got a long slog ahead lol

TTFN lovelies xoxo


  1. I have to say thanks for the poundland tip...I wnt today and got 2 bottles of Nail Quencher plus some SH cuticle balm! Bargain.

  2. yay, I may post over on MUA just incase other brits miss it..they obv got a lot of stock!!

  3. Must not forget Poundland must not forget Poundland must not....

    Love these kind of posts btw.
    Can't share your Redbush-love though.....
    If it ain't PG then it just ain't tea.
    We have Yorkshire but it doesn't rhyme.

  4. lol I drink every sort of tea..rarely normal tea though lol

    my poor other half "brown tea pleaseee" I get from under the duvet lol nothing green, red, yellow or herby lol

    hehe Poundland will have their stocks depleted lol