Monday, 3 May 2010

Bling my mani...Goldilocks rocks!

Goldilocks rocks over SH Cassis comfort = WIN

Gorgeous and shimmery, this is 2 coats...mmmmmm, I am NOT an OPI lover..but this little baby can sneak right in lol

Wondering how it would look over dark blue, black, green even..ooooo

So shimmery, completely transforms the colour into something new.. heart it! My mani is now as lovely and thick as I love it lol ..with a whopping 8 coats..just how I like them!!

I have finally worked out its too much fun lol

TTFN xoxoxo


  1. Wow, this is so cool! Looks like a duochrome :D

  2. I'm not usually into golds, but this is very yummy!

  3. This is an awesome combo!! I stop and look at it every time I see it on my dashboard. :D

  4. Oh Yeahhh! That is a fantastic summer combo. It reminds me of warm breezes wafting across the sand, palm trees gently swaying, waves rythmically combing the beach... (geez, how could a nail polish invoke all of that?).