Saturday, 1 May 2010

Weee more nail mail

Close up!!
Seche, Colorama- Lavender Haze, topcoat 35, SH Cassis

Close up!! Chg Evening seduction,Alantis, Love letters, Metallic Muse
OPI MJP, Goldilocks rocks

Nail art polish galore!

Omg..awesome package...this one is super generous, thank you so so much!!! (you know who you are)

I was super congested and grumpy this morning, no mail man...then I see my postie..literally ramming the package through the letter box...err..I am freaking out!! it says FRAGILE...aaah ramming glass bottles through..eeek! Luckily they all survived LOL

Weee not only did I get another bottle of seche.. Also loads of Chg I had been lemming, some gorgeous OPI and ooodles of striper well as some Colorama'a!

weee... My days agenda Kendra, sleep, study..more sleep followed by a whole load of pampering! Aaaah bliss! Bf has the kids all I shall enjoy watching trashy tele..stinking the place out with acetone!



  1. hi rebekah thanks for dropping by and following me :)
    i got the stamps from ebay. the seller is syster if you wanna have a look!

  2. Woot!!! What a great mail day...I hope you kept your little bottle of seche vite. It will help keep your seche vite from thickening up :)

  3. the little bottle is now topped up, yay!!

    now I cannot decide on my manicure lol

  4. Clearly I need your friends. :)