Friday, 14 May 2010

Weee...nail mail

Essie Lollipop, Ulta Bombshell, Sinful Innocent & Love nails

Orly blonder, a sparkly holo tocoat, WnW topcoat, China glaze matte magic, Essie MAY

Various essence..I managed to pull the labels off most of them :( I know the yellow is Sundancer

This was a total surprise and cheered me up so so much after a bit of rubbishy week! Thank you so much J :-)

sooo many pretties..weee

One very special one... Lollipop - which I had to have after seeing Jordan wearing it...see exhibit A yes I like a bit of trash tele..when I saw these..I had to have them!! lol

Love the matte topcoats and the Essence stuff which we dont have chuffed

There will be lots of colour changes and polish play coming up :-)

I am considering trying to franken...mmm..I am scared of it - tell me I wont create a chemical mishap?? lol

TTFN xoxoxo

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